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Stainless Steel Welding in Dawson Creek

Stainless steel is one of the commonly used materials in the welding and fabrication industry, as it comes with various benefits such as corrosion resistance, strength, toughness, and more. If you are planning to design a stainless steel product for your business needs, NorTech Welding & Fabricating Inc is here to help you. We have the equipment and expertise to offer quality stainless steel welding services in Dawson Creek, Yukon, Grand Prairie, and the Northwest Territories.

Our Services

Take a look at what we offer:

Tank linking and coating
Mobile repairs of tanks
Inspecting and testing
Custom-built truck tanks and trailers
Environment protection tanks

Mobile Truck and Trailer Tank Manufacturing

At NorTech Welding & Fabricating Inc, we manufacture mobile trucks and trailer tanks that can be used for both domestic and industrial applications. These are made based on the TC406, TC407, or TC412 CSA specifications. We are the only manufacturing company maintaining an ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality control and safety procedures.

As a Transport Canada certified tank manufacturer, we offer a complete range of repairs and CSA B620 inspections to trucking firms in the area. We also repair stationary storage tanks up to 50,000-litre capacity. Our technicians will work safely and diligently to fulfill your project needs and requirements. Call us today to learn more.

We Are Your Welding Contractors

From stainless steel and aluminum welding to custom welding and repair services, we offer everything.

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